Ada Lake approx. 4h


Meeting point would be at the Marsala Birjuzova 23 street, which is located at the city center.
Next on is a smooth ride along the Sava river, we will pass under the all 5 bridges of Sava river. First stop will be new complex of Belgrade waterfront, which is planned to be real city in city.

We will also pass by Belgrade fair (former biggest fair in Europe).

Later we are arriving at the Ada Lake and riding in the beautiful nature and have a drink in a hidden beach where only locals go.

We will visit also Ada Safari, that will blow your mind with animals and nature beauty just 20 minutes from city.

Continue along with peacefull ride around the lake, with its 8km range in the green oasis of the city, next to numerous Golf stages and other entertainment fields it will be really peace of mind for all of you.

But, as the cherry on top, we could be paying a small visit to the famouse and best domestic craft brewery Dogma, which would be a optional request due to the thoughts of the group 🙂

Zemun Tour approx. 4h

Meeting point would be at the Marsala Birjuzova 23 street which is located at the city center.
Next on is crossing Branko’s bridge and smooth ride along Danube riverbank with numerous parks.

Zemun is the one of most charming quarters of Belgrade characteristic for its Central European appearance, charming corners, cobblestone streets and fish restaurants on the banks of the Danube River.

Our ride continues through the main street called Gospodska Street, where you have a chance to see some excellent examples of Zemun architecture.

Pass by the oldest Orthodox church of St. Nicholas from the 17th century and climb the Gardos Hill – the heart of Old Zemun, with its curvy cobblestone streets
and small houses that will give you an impression that Zemun itself is a melting pot of Mediterranean and Middle European cultures.

Reach the top of the hill where the remains of the Zemun citadel are still standing with Millennium Tower in the center, Zemun’s central landmark.

*Optional is to have coffee or beer on top of the Gardoš hill with nice view or to have a lunch break at one of charming restaurants next to Danube.

New Belgrade approx. 3,5h

Belgrade itself has a district that was built after World War II from literally nothing, in marsh, constructed primarily using concrete.

Its heavy form and designated area,
is used to be described with one word ‘Block’ which gathers a lot of attention from tourist.

Our meeting point would be at the Marsala Birjuzova 23 street which is located at the city center.

After passing the Branko’s brigde, New Belgrade would be right ahead of us.

It was considered being a socialist vision of a perfect city.

An interesting mix of politics and architecture that went through many different phases, both loved and hated by many.

Nowdays New Belgrade is a modern and bussines part of the city, with its big spacious boulevards surrounded by residential

We will pass by numerous socialistic palaces, buildings of interest from the 20th century in one hand, on another hand you will see new and modern buildings, as a true contrast to the socialist style of the architecture.

After exploring all of those points, we will have a small coffee break with a view on the city 🙂 at the top of New Belgrade with its stunishing landscape on all of the boulevards and places that we passed before 🙂

*Due to the thoughts of the group, one of options is to visit famous Fast Food Boulevard (yes you read correctly) where you can taste some of legendary and famous local fast food dishes.

Craft Beer and Breweries tour approx. 4h

Our tour with an E-Scooters is unique way to feel Belgrade streets, learn and taste its booming Craft scene.

In recent months, Belgrade has established itself as a new, trendy destination for craft beer enthusiasts and in our tour you can visit three local tap rooms and breweries and try a variety of different beers, served alongside numerous tips on how to make beers of such a rich and flavourful taste.

Local breweries are also creative when it comes to craft beer names, as well as their packaging design.

Want to take a sip of the First Serbian Craft Uprising?



Book our tour on E-Scooter and you will learn everything about Serbian craft scene and try the best Serbian craft beers.


Zemun Tour

Price: 25€

Time: 4h

New Belgrade Tour

Price: 24€

Time: 3.5h

Ada lake Tour

Price: 25€

Time: 4h